accuracy and CONSISTENCY in every order.

Our team at Chevelle strives to meet all of your grinding expectations. We work with our customers to meet their needs and to answer any questions or concerns about our grinding and quality assurance processes. We guarantee a competitive price and quick turnaround.

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We have a large amount of CNC grinding machines to meet all of your high volume part needs.

Manual OD


If you have large parts in either length or diameter we can handle it. We can grind up to 125" in length and 20" diameters.

CNC and Manual ID


We have several ID grinding machines and we can handle large runs efficiently.

Blanchard Grinding


We can operate on very large surfaces. We can grind plates and fixtures up to 36" in height and 86" corner to corner.

Surface and Rotary


Looking for a finer finish on your surfaces? We can achieve much finer finish surfaces on our surface grinding machines.

Part and equipment repair


Instead of purchasing brand new parts, we can repair your damaged parts and make them like new.